Earth Rhythms Healing

Vibrational Wellness through Drumming, Rhythm, Time and Space

Why is the drum so powerful and what is an intentional drum circle? 

Anthropologist Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, did pioneering work in the 1960’s and 70’s in studying the effects of drumming. In his studies he concludes that “the beat of the drum, as used to transport native people into shamanic states of consciousness, closely approximates the base resonant frequency of the Earth, which can be measured scientifically.”

In essence, when we all drum together we connect ourselves to the energy of the planet and to our connection with nature. This gives us opportunity to use this energy raising vehicle to come together with a purpose. 

The drum circle is a micro representation of the macrocosm. We come together with our different backgrounds and world views and we open ourselves to the rhythm. The sound frequencies and the energy raising abilities that are presented when everyone is immersed in rhythm together offers some powerful potential for healing the group mind and for helping us come together in cooperation and peace.  

"Drumming is so very healing for me. There have been times when I felt my worst before I started drumming and afterwards felt my greatest. We are all one and drumming connects us to our source. Namaste." Marsha Buck

Here is a sound clip from our community drum circle Spirit Jam Drum Circle at C.A.M.P.

Thank you to Robert Burgert, Engineer and Producer of Mountain Peak studios for the sound clip