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Djembe Building & Re-Heading

Earth Rhythms Healing offers djembe tuning, heading and custom built djembes. If you have a djembe that needs tuning, re-heading or you would like a custom built djembe give us a call or email us today for more information (314) 541-2056 or [email protected]

Click Here for Demo's of the Djembes

Guinea style Mali Lenge wood shell

Custom built djembe by Matt

Custom Djembe built by Matt

Mali djembe custom colors for one of Steph's djembe students

Re-headed Guinea Djembe by Matt

Customer requested the fun pink and purple rope

Matt custom re-head on Steph's djembe

Lenke Wood shell from Guinea

Mali Djembe

Matt re-skinned this Mali djembe with rasta rope. It sounds great!

Ivory Coast Djembe built by Matt

Custom colors chosen by client. Iroko Wood djembe shell from Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Djembe Iroko Wood

Built by Matt

Custom Djembe for Stephanie's djembe student on the Big Island, HI

Built by Matt

Mali Djembe with cuff

Re-headed by Matt

Ivory Coast Iroko Wood Djembe

Custom Colors and Headed by Matt

Ivory Coast Iroko Wood Djembe Shell

Custom Colors and headed by Matt

Re-headed Guinea Shell by Matt

Ivory Coast Goatskin on Guinea Kadi wood shell

Guinea Djembe with Cuff

Re-headed by Matt