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Djembe Building & Re-Heading

Earth Rhythms Healing offers djembe tuning, heading and custom built djembes. If you have a djembe that needs tuning, re-heading or you would like a custom built djembe give us a call or email us today for more information (314) 541-2056 or [email protected]

Ivory Coast Djembe Iroko Wood

Built by Matt

Custom Djembe for Stephanie's djembe student on the Big Island, HI

Built by Matt

Mali Djembe with cuff

Re-headed by Matt

Ivory Coast Iroko Wood Djembe

Custom Colors and Headed by Matt

Ivory Coast Iroko Wood Djembe Shell

Custom Colors and headed by Matt

Re-headed Guinea Shell by Matt

Ivory Coast Goatskin on Guinea Kadi wood shell

Guinea Djembe with Cuff

Re-headed by Matt