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From last nights drum circle... a poem

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 12:59 PM
From last nights drum circle... a poem
Oh beautiful vibration
The thump....
Of bass on our skulls
Feel the everything in the hide.
The wood....the metal...the twine
Such wonder to be had
In the slap of hand
As if God was underfoot and in our ear canals.
To want rhythm and speed and joining
To float .........above
The fray...the union of such precision and
To dance inside our heartbeats
Sway and sizzle like a candle flame
We vibe and groove
Our souls in the heat of motion
Of muscle ...of skin
Of breath. .. of noise and pulse
We are creation. .we are the beat
Nothing else is but this room
This moment
This union
Of drums.

~Deacon Lew

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