Earth Rhythms Healing

Vibrational Wellness through Drumming, Rhythm, Time and Space

"When we drum, we tune into ourselves through rhythm and vibration. This improves overall health and wellness and it's really fun!" Stephanie

Stephanie Kusmer is a Vibrational Wellness Facilitator and professional percussionist located in St. Louis, MO. She offers online and in person djembe classes, rhythmic events and drum circle facilitation, interactive performances and guided drum journeys. Her partner Matt Farrow tunes, heads and custom builds djembes and assists with drum rhythm events and performances.

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Earth Rhythms Healing offers:

  • Online and In Person Djembe Drum Lessons focusing on technique, rhythm and timing.

  • We focus on history of the djembe and West African Rhythms

  • Online and in person personalized guided journeys with the melodic tank drum

  • Drum Circle Facilitation for events, parties and team building

  • Rhythm “play”shops

  • Private and group guided drum journeys

  • Private and group drum classes

  • Performances

  • Djembe tuning, heading and custom build.

Matt and Stephanie performing at a wedding

Women's Drum and Rhythm Circle

@ Better Family Life

Heartbeat of Gaia Drum Circle

Drumming at the SIUE Dome

Please contact us at [email protected] or 314-541-2056